Possibly the sappiest dog post ever and do yourself a favour…

*Pre-warning! This could very well be the sappiest dog post ever written.*

Hi everyone!

Happy Friday!! While I am usually very excited about the weekend, with Annie leaving on Monday evening I definitely have mixed emotions about this one.

It will be a weekend filled with ‘lasts’ for us.  Yes, I know we will see her in a month and it will be as though no time has passed at all, but the likelihood that we will all be back here to this place together is pretty slim.  The thought of it being our last weekend to run around on our beach with her, to road trip in California and see her crazy ears flapping in the wind is definitely a little ‘weep’ inducing for me.

I mean….really?

Ears for days.

Ears for days.

If you have ever adopted a dog from a shelter then you know that the statement ‘Who Saved Who?’ (usually displayed on car stickers) rings absolutely true.  We brought Annie home two years ago at the end of May.  I had only been living in San Francisco for a month, was in a crappy job that I hated, had very few ‘solid’ friends and was just pretty lonely.

Annie (yes this is a big call) literally changed my life.  She brought companionship into my life and on some days, was the reason I got out of bed in the morning.

When we first met Annie in the shelter

When we first met Annie in the shelter

She has travelled across country with us four times, been on countless road trips, overnight stays, walks, hikes and train rides.  She has (at times) frustrated us but has always made us laugh.

When we talked about moving and the huge cost and effort associated with taking a dog to Australia (seriously, it’s a lot of work!) we tossed up our options.  We thought about leaving Annie here with family just because we worried about her on the flight and the month in quarantine.  She’s a sweet, sensitive soul and we were worried about how she would do.  But to be honest, I never really considered leaving her here.  In my mind our little family is made up of three – Chris, me and Annie.  We’re like the marines – we leave no one behind.

Our little fam.

Our little fam.

Our engagement session

Our engagement session

So it will be so hard to seal Annie up in that crate on Monday evening and send her on her HUGE journey down under by herself.  I also know that it will be so worth it to be all together again in Australia.

It just wouldn’t be the same without our little lady.

That face!

That face!

So if you’re so inclined, say a little prayer for Annie on Monday evening as she makes her loooooonng flight across the Pacific.  You best believe I will be tracking that flight like a creepy stalker!


Kind of along the same lines as the ‘Annie’ part of this post, I wanted to share a couple of things that I have seen in the past two weeks that have kept me thinking.

Two weeks ago, Chris and I went to the movies to see ‘About Time’.  We were expecting a cute, kind of generic, easy to watch romantic comedy — which would have been totally fine with me, I love me some romcom!

About Time

About Time


What it actually turned out to be was an amazing story of appreciating life.  It was a movie that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about.

The main character talks about living each day over again — the first time with all of the rush, the frustrations, the lack of really ‘taking it all in’.  And then again, noticing the beauty of the day, the good things, taking a moment to appreciate it all.

Of course we don’t all have the ability to travel in time (don’t worry if you haven’t seen it, that doesn’t ruin anything, promise!) and so can’t actually live each day over again.  But it really made me think about how often we just rush through the day.  We look forward to it being over, we look forward to it being tomorrow or the weekend.  While I don’t think there is anything wrong with looking forward to things, I know that there is something wrong in not appreciating the day right now.  This day.  We get so caught up in rushing.  We get frustrated when the person making our coffee or tea takes too long, or someone is driving a little too slowly or the bank teller asks you the same question three times but this is the only day that we’re promised, the only moment really.

I am slowly learning to appreciate each moment.  To smile at the person across from me, to wish them a nice day.  It doesn’t take long, just a split second to change a moment, to change someone else’s day.

See this movie.  Seriously, go see it.  It’s sad, for sure! But it is so worth it!

If you don’t have the chance to make it to the movies today, do yourself a favour and watch this Ted talk.  It’s 10 minutes, along the same lines as ‘About Time; and awesome.

So there you have it.  My sappy Friday!

I hope you all enjoy today and have a happy weekend.  I will be spending mine cuddling Annie’s face off.

See you soon!








4 thoughts on “Possibly the sappiest dog post ever and do yourself a favour…

  1. Good luck Annie on your long flight. And I can understand that it is stressfull, I would be stressed. Adopting a dog is a wonderful thing. And when talking about dogs you cannot get too sappy!

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