A craving for salad!! Who am I??

Another Monday bites the dust.

I can’t believe how fast this year is going already, it’s almost February! What the?? I think it’s crazy town, although I tend to think that about every month that passes by.



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When I was getting ready for my work day this morning, I knew I wanted to take lunch with me since I was working through lunch and almost to dinner and wanted to minimise my snack attacks.

And then, a strange thing happened.  I craved a salad! What, what? Now, don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a good ensalada and if I’m served one or sitting around and have the mixings on hand, I’ll definitely eat it.  But crave?? That’s not normally a feeling I associate with a salad.  Chocolate, salty chips, pasta…those are way more up my alley.

In any case, I felt it and I went with it.  By the time lunch rolled around, I was digging into this beauty…

Big ol' salad!

Big ol’ salad!

Into the mix went mixed lettuce, canned tuna, baby carrots, sweet potato and beans.  It was delicious, fresh and kept me full for the rest of my work day.  Well played salad, well played.


It was a case of the ‘Brrrrrrrrrrrr’s’ today in the city by the Bay.  It was beautiful and sunny but it was definitely chilly (yes I know those of you on the east coast are giving me the stink eye right now).  After spending a good amount of time outside with the kiddies and a traffic filled drive home I was oh so happy to change into my comfy cosies and take a load off.

This is almost happiness to me…



And two seconds later, this is happiness…

Hi Annie!

Hi Annie!

I relaxed for a couple of minutes, played a couple of rounds of intense fetch with the hound and then got started on tonight’s dinner.

With a quick snack of course…

Dark chocolate covered almonds...you complete me.

Dark chocolate covered almonds…you complete me.

On the menu tonight, another batch of sweet potato fries, come at me!




Have a lovely Monday night all!


Have any of you had any crazy cravings lately? 







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