Holiday Flip!

Firstly let me start by saying that if the world really does end today, it’s been a pleasure blogging for you guys!

Our activity for yesterday’s installment of ‘24 Days of Togetherness‘ was a relatively simple one, but I was excited all the same!

If you say so...

If you say so…

OK mystical silver box, whatever you say goes!

We were planning on heading out to celebrate the birthday of one of our buddies anyway, so we got to kill two birds with one….cocktail?

We started the night off at a holiday party of a friend of a friends.  Open bar? Don’t mind if I do.  After some chatting, a glass of wine and a couple of snacks we moved our little group on in search of a holiday cocktail.

We mulled a couple of places over and eventually decided to try our luck at the bar at Quince.



(Photo Source)

Quince is the perfect mixture of dark, cozy and swanky with exposed brick, chandeliers and dark wood.  We were immediately led to a table by the bar and started to look over the extensive cocktail list.


It took me all of about 2 seconds to decide on my drink.  Brandy, all spice dram, egg, demerara sugar and cinnamon…one ‘Holiday Flip’ please!



This little baby was like Christmas in a glass! It made me very excited for our annual spiked Christmas eve egg nog fest.  Bring it on!

We sipped on our holiday bev’s and chatted up a storm until it was time to call it a night and sneak back into our apartment so we wouldn’t wake up our sleepy travellers.



Photo courtesy of Erin.


Thanks for a fun night buddies!



We are running dangerously low on groceries since we are taking off for Tahoe tomorrow so pickings were a little slim this morning.

I decided on a bowl of Weetabix mixed with Mango Chobani, a sprinkling of almond granola, some wheat germ, chia seeds and a splash of almond milk.

Bowl o goodness

Bowl o goodness

It wasn’t pretty, but it hit the spot!


Now it’s time to get showered and get my day going! Two hours of work until it’s officially holiday time!

Woop Woop!!

Happy Friday kids!



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