Welcome to December!!

Good morning, and a pinch and a punch for the first of the month!

Welcome to December!! My all time favourite month of the year (with April a close second, Birthday month!).

Today started off with a quickie workout in the form of Day 1 of 2012 Closeout Workout! Brought to you by Courtney over at Sweet Tooth Sweet Life.  In case you missed it, I talked about it briefly here.

So this morning I completed;

22 Jumping Jacks

22 Push Ups (12 on feet, 10 on knees)

22 Crunches

64 Seconds of Plank

Bring it on December!


Breakfast this morning was another delicious bowl of porridge, much like yesterday except I subbed out the slivered almonds for walnuts.  Yum!


After breakfast and putting on some laundry, getting packed for our drive to Tahoe today, I somehow turned my fingers pink trying to take off nail polish, Hmmm.

Ol’ Pink Hands!

That was weird! I’m going to be known as ‘Ol’ Pink Hands’ from now on.

Being the first of December, I remembered a fun Holiday inspired game/activity that Tina had on her fabulous blog the other day.

Since I am a Christmas and holiday in general lover, and Chris is not quite so much, I thought this idea would be an awesome way to get him more involved with the holidays!  Tina referred to it as her ‘24 Days of Togetherness’.

Basically, you write out 24 Holiday or relationship/family inspired activities, fold them up and place them in a bag/box etc.  You then pull one out every day and complete that activity.

I included things like;

* Drink hot chocolate together

* Complete a random act of kindness

* Buy each other a little present

* Write three things you love about the other person

* Watch a Christmas movie

I’m so excited to start it off and celebrate my favourite time of the year by doing a special something with my special someone, each day.

The silver box of togetherness!

I hope you all have fantastic Saturday plans!


Do you have any fun Christmas/Holiday games or activities you like to play? 

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