Because We Need a Little Christmas…

Well, we are officially back from our fun trip to New York for Thanksgiving.  It was so great to spend some quality time with Chris’s family for his favourite holiday.  I always love going to New York and having the chance to eat delicious food while we’re there is a bonus!

We took a late night flight home, and so stocked up on some dinner in the airport to take with us.  I had the BEST luck with airport/airplane food this trip.  On the way to New York we had delicious turkey, cranberry and apple sandwiches and this time, I had an awesome grilled chicken wrap.

Chicken Wrap!

It was stuffed with chicken, tomato, corn, cheese , spinach and something a little spicy! I’m still not exactly sure what it was, but it was tasty!

I also flushed it down with some of this bad boy…

Red Vino

A last hoorah for the vacation!

The BEST part of coming back west is that I got to come home to this lady!


My sissy is in town!! Ash and her boyfriend Paul arrived for another winter and I’m stoked that she’ll be only 3 hours away from me until May, Hooray!


I woke up this morning pretty hungry! Surprising since I feel like all I’ve done over the past week is eat! But nevertheless I helped myself to a nice hot cup of tea and a bowl of almond granola and Kashi Go Lean Crunch with some almond milk.

After breakfasting and getting showered and unpacked, I felt that it was time for something…and one thing only… it, my friends was time to get festive!!

Since we will be spending the weekend leading up to, and the full week of Christmas up in Tahoe, we decided that we wouldn’t set up a tree in San Francisco.  But no tree does not mean no decorating! Ash, Paul and I hopped to to make the apartment feel festive!

This little girl helped too…

Christmas Annie!

She hates loves dressing up for Christmas!

So happy!

Even though our resources were somewhat limited, I think we succeeded in sprucing up the old McD household!

Deck the halls…

A mini tree!

Mini tree!

And a little bit for the kitchen…

Kitchen Cheer!

We rounded it out with a little ode to Tahoe…


And we called it a day! I’m happy to be sitting surrounded by fairy lights, my heaven!

Something I am very excited to share with you is a little challenge that I found while perusing one of my favourite blogs Sweet Tooth Sweet Life.  Courtney has paired up with a challenge group to help us set goals and work our way through December!

The basic idea of the 2012 Closeout Workout Challenge is to complete 2,012 reps between Dec 1 and 31 of workouts of your choice (3-5 exercises).  I chose jumping jacks, crunches and push ups.  So I will have to do about 22 reps of each exercise every day in December.  To add a little extra challenge, I also decided to complete 2,012 seconds of planking in December, so 64 seconds a day!

You can read a lot more about it and sign up with Courtney right about….here! Do it! Let’s have some fun staying fit this December!


Well, I am off to spend some time with my sissy.  Enjoy your day everyone!

Are you participating in any fun fitness challenges? I want to hear about them! 


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