Half Moon Bay, Adventure Day!

Well, I’m up and running (kind of, still working out many kinks!), my posts have been moved and I’m now almost officially available at www.fizzsbizz.com (no .wordpress.com!), it’s an exciting day!

When the weather finally started to lift, Chris and I decided embark on our adventure day. We had originally decided that we wanted to head all the way down to Santa Cruz but with the iffy weather and getting a late start, we headed for Montara.

We actually took a look at a couple of rental apartment/houses while we were down there, just to feel it out and see what our money could get us in comparison to (EXPENSIVE) San Francisco.  Verrrrryy interesting!


For lunch, we decided to head to a place that Chris had heard of called the Moss Beach Distillery.  Wow! What an awesome place.  It reminded me a lot of a cute pub that I used to go to in Australia, which was a major plus for me.  Another couple of pluses;

1. They were very dog friendly, even supplying a ‘dog food menu’

Doggie Food Menu!

So Annie had a lot of fun frolicking around the beautiful patio with us, on the hunt for scraps!

2.  We had these delicious sliders and beer battered artichoke hearts…

Caramelized onions, bacon and mushroom…delight!

3.  We got to eat with this view…

Oh California…you are so beautiful!

4. I got to sip on some sweet, sweet wine!

Mmm, wine!

And that was lunch!

After enjoying our awesome lunch-with-a-view, and taking a look at one more place for rent where we had to drive, pick up the landlord, take him to the rental so we could see it, and then drive him back to where we picked him up from (yeah, not taking that place!) we decided to keep on trucking down the coast!

We were on the outskirts of Half Moon Bay and with the Ritz only a stones throw away, we decided to check the place out for a nice little drink.  We didn’t quite fit in being dressed down (Chris in flip flops, me in keds) but we braved the lah-di-dah’s and headed on in.

Wow, is it beautiful there!

View from the Ritz Half Moon Bay

I opted for a glass of red while Chris had a delicious cocktail after soaking up the views and wandering for a little while.  I wouldn’t mind being perched here for a sunset or two…

Ohhh the serenity!

*Fun Fact* American Wedding (American Pie 3), was filmed here!

After finishing off our delicious weekend beverages, we hit the road to head home for a nice relaxing night.  It hasn’t been overly relaxing however, since starting this post I have had many computer issues! Grrrrrrr!

Ah well, tomorrow’s a new day!

Happy Saturday night folks!


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