Dr. Walden Knows Her Work Helps

An story reported by TexasMonthly, http://www.texasmonthly.com/the-culture/jennifer-walden-plastic-surgeon/, offers rare insight and a view behind the mysterious, magical and often misperceived field of plastic surgery. Like lady truck drivers, female brokers on Wall Street or in this case, a Dr. Jennifer Walden in plastic surgery – this story comes from a female perspective out of the depths of a male dominated profession.

Dr. Walden shares her thoughts on some of the advantages of being a woman in this world driven by male doctors, and in particular how her understanding of the female gender is so beneficial for her patients. She also talks about being a minority in this profession and even thoughts on why this is among other topics.
This Texas native who has been in practice for over ten years, received her medical schooling from the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, where she completed her aesthetic surgery fellowship. That simply followed her graduation as salutatorian of the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston.

She quickly built a successful practice in New York before returning back home to Texas. She did confess some trepidation before moving her practice, as she wasn’t certain of the need or demand for plastic surgery back home in Austin. Those concerns were soon erased, however, and now some 5 years later Dr. Walden finds herself happy, at home and doing what she loves, helping people.

Mother, doctor, champion and owner are words that only tell part of the story of Dr. Jennifer Walden. These terms tell us where she’s been and what she’s done, which is impressive enough. What these words don’t reveal is who she is and where she’s going. In this case, as good as her story has been this far, the best may be yet to come. No need for any cosmetic adjustments there.

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