Jason Halpern, the Real Estate Developer with a Difference

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern is one of the most recognized real estate developers. He is the founder and the managing partner of JMH Development. The company is based Brooklyn, New York. The firm focuses on the development of commercial and residential buildings across the United States. It also owns some of the real-estate buildings that it develops. The primary aim of the Jason Halpern and JMH Development is on the development of luxury apartments. Some of the strategies adopted by the company include historic preservation and reuse of some of the project.

Jason Halpern: with Production

Halpern comes from a background that has a history in the development of real-estate. He is the third generation, in a family that has been involving in the real-estate development market. One factor that set him apart from other real estate developers is a commitment for coming up with buildings that are unique and retain the essential historic qualities of the building. Whenever he is developing, he takes the interest of the host community as a way of showing respect to them.

Jason Halpern with his Mates

While he was developing 184 Kent Avenue, a building Brooklyn in New York, the building is registered on the National Historic Register, he showed his commitment toward the respect of the local community. The project was recognized in 2011 Building Brooklyn Award because of its innovative utilization of the historic features. The outcome of the project was 340 luxury rental apartment that maintained the most important features of the structure while updating it to a luxury living place.

Jason’s Family

Aloft South Beach is yet another success for Halpern. The result of the project was a 235 room hotel; in 2005 the project was completed. Previously it was a historical Motel Ankara, a building that was located one block from the beach in Miami, Florida. Not only did the building retain the most important features, but also Jason Halpern and JMH Development managed to add a new eight-story tower to the building. The outcome was great, a 235 room luxury hotel that has the feature of adaptive reuse techniques that illustrated the respect for the local community. Whenever Jason Halpern takes on a project, he not only develops something appealing but he also takes into the account the wishes of the community around.

Troy McQuaggee Steps to Success

Troy McQuagge has been named a gold winner as the CEO of the year during the recent prestigious One Planet Awards. He is the current Chief Executive Officer OF USHEALTH, an insurance holding company based in Ft Worth Texas. McQuagge joined USHEALTH in the year 2010, where he took up the task of implementing the strategies that could see the business move to a higher level. He was able to rebuild the business distribution agency, USHEALTH Advisors, which was a success and brought about many positive changes in the business. This led to him being elected the group chief executive officer and the president of USHEALTH in the year 2014, the position he still holds to date.

During his term as the leader of USHEALTH Inc, Troy McQuagge has contributed significantly to the immense growth and success the company has experienced for the years he has been there. It is with his hard work, dedication, and proper management that USHEALTH Company has been able to register huge profits in the highly competitive health insurance market. In his speech during the One Planet awards, McQuaggee said that it was an honor to be named as a recipient of the esteemed industry peer recognition award. He added that the award did not belong to him alone, but to everyone in USHEALTH Inc. According to him, it was proof of USHEALTH commitment to solving the healthcare problems affordably by providing them with the innovative coverage that can grow as their needs grow.

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