Tempus’ Eric Lefofsky Works for Cancer Patients

Tempus is a company that has been able to help people who have gone through a cancer diagnosis. They have worked hard to make sure that things are working for the families of the people and have even been able to make sure that things are going the right way for them. It is something that has given Eric Lefofsky the chance to make sure that they are getting what they can out of different things. Because of the way that Mr Lefofsky has done what he can about the different aspects of cancer, he is able to help people out while their lives are being turned over by cancer. He also works with a geneticist who is able to come up with actual cures for cancer. Together, they are Tempus. The company is something that he felt was necessary after a personal experience with cancer and the devastating consequences of it.

While he was in retirement from the money that he made off of Groupon, Eric Lefofsky was able to do a lot of things but the majority of things that he did paled in comparison to the troubles that his wife had to deal with. For example, their life was tumultuous while she was undergoing treatment. Eric Lefofsky was able to stay home with his wife and take care of her but he knew that many people who were related to those who had cancer. He hoped that things could be made better for the families who had to deal with cancer.

That is where the idea for Tempus came about. Eric was already confident in the skills that he had with building businesses and making sure that they were suitable for all people. He took the principles that he used with Groupon and applied them to the ideas of Tempus. While the company has not had the chance to be in business for as long as what Groupon has been, it has been nearly as successful. The best part of it for Eric Lefofsky is that he is able to actually help people out with this type of business.

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