How Human Resources Professionals Like Julie Zuckerberg Make The World’s Largest Businesses Successful

To many employees it might seem as though the primary function of their company’s human resources department is to manage and distribute a large number of lengthy and tedious forms. While maintaining, updating and distributing the employee handbook and ensuring that employees have signed non-disclosure agreements on time are certainly important if time-consuming tasks, the chances are that most human resources departments play a much more important role in the trajectory of the company than this. It is true that the individuals that comprise a company’s human resources team work to ensure that employees and the company are in compliance with the company’s policies and federal and local employment laws but these professionals are also responsible for cultivating and securing the company’s most important asset: its employees. As a human resources professional noted in an article on LinkedIn the driving force behind a company’s success is not necessarily the sales that it makes or the revenue that it brings in. The true measure of a firm’s success lies in the people who were hired to make the sales calls that ended up closing the accounts that brought in the revenue and the marketing team that wrote the copy that connected with customers and resulted in encouraging the customer to purchase the company’s products. Whenever a company makes headlines for bringing in an exceptional amount of revenue during a quarter that revenue would not have been possible without the work of the qualified employees who go unnamed that were vetted and hired by the human resources department.


As a Chief Executive Officer noted in employees represent the most important assets that a company can acquire. In order for a company to be successful in the long-term they must have qualified human resources professionals who are able to find employees that are a good fit for the company and that have the skills that are needed to complete tasks that enable the company to achieve its long term business goals. According to the human resources team cannot be relegated to the margins of a company’s business strategy it must be at the center. A business’ human resources staff must be able to play an active role in helping to shape the company’s business goals because nothing a company is seeking to achieve will be possible without the hires that is in charge of making. This is why it is vital for companies to have experienced talent acquisition professionals like Julie Zuckerberg on hand to help develop their hiring processes and shape their long term plan for the kind of team that it wants to build.


Zuckerberg has had a long career as a recruiter that began at Hudson staffing and has led to her working at one of the largest banks in the world: Deutsche Bank. At Deutsche Bank Julie helps to guide the company’s hiring strategy to enable it to staff mission critical roles in the US asset management, wealth and commercial clients and its international technology and operations divisions. Her work at Deustche Bank has enabled the company address human resources issues such as handling attrition and ensuring that roles that are key to the business’ operations always remained filled by qualified officials. She also provides her leadership and oversight to more junior recruiters as they work to ensure that the bank is hiring the most qualified individuals.


Stem Cell Therapy has More to Over than Any Other Lung Disease Treatment

Lung disease can reek havoc on your body and life in a variety of ways. You’ll find yourself in and out of the doctor’s office taking up all of your free time. Often times, patients of lung disease experience chronic fatigue because it’s difficult to breathe. Of course, there are traditional treatments and then there is stem cell therapy. Are you tired of spending time and money on treatments that don’t actually treat the problem causing them in the first place? The Lung Institute may be the place for you.

Stem cell therapy utilizes the unique characteristics and abilities that stem cells have to offer. Stem cells can replicate biological aspects of any other cell and in turn, can become a part of the surrounding tissues. The Lung Institute is the leading provider for lung disease treatment. According to, one of the reasons they are so successful at treating patients is because they use stem cell therapy.

The stem cells will be collect from the patient’s body through blood venous or bone marrow. While bone marrow sounds scary, it’s considered to be a fairly safe procedure with minimal pain. Blood venous is the most common method and preferred for those who it suits. Once the stem cells have been harvested, they will be sent through a filtration process to separate them from other cells and fluids.

The final step is the insert the collected stem cells back into the patient’s bloodstream. The stem cells will reach the injured parts of the lungs within a few heartbeats. The healing process can begin as the cells begin to replicate the other cells characteristics and replace the damaged tissues. The entire process takes an average of three days so it’s best to make plans and arrangements to stay in town during treatment.

The Lung Institute treats many conditions such as COPD or emphysema which you can read more about here. Consultations are free making it even more appealing for those who have not had a positive experience with other treatments.

You can find a location close to you and more about scheduling your consultation at

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Top Investment Firm Highland Capital

Highland Capital Management is among the top investment firms in the world. It is based in Dallas, Texas but has a number of other office locations throughout the world. The firm currently has offices in New York City, Seoul South Korea, Sao Paulo Brazil and also Singapore. This has enabled the firm to establish a considerable presence in the world. As well as having a worldwide presence, Highland Capital Management provides a wide range of financial products and services to its clients. With these products and services, the firm has been able to help clients manage their capital with more efficiency. One of the things that have made Highland Capital among the top investment firms is its ability to manage debt and credit based securities.

At the beginning of the firm’s inception, it was a company that provided life insurance products to clients. This enabled a number of businesses and individuals to get valuable insurance coverage on a dependable basis. As a life insurance company, the firm experienced a considerable amount of success. While it was quite successful as a life insurance company, it looked to expand to other service areas in order to become more competitive. This was also done to help clients in a variety of ways as well. By the mid 1990’s, this firm looked to begin offering more financial products such as hedge funds and private equity securities. It would also begin offering more services such as asset management, wealth management, and financial advisory. As a result, it became a comprehensive financial services company.

In the year 1996, Highland Capital Management introduced collateralized loan obligations which would make it stand out among the competition. This allowed the firm to offer one of the most beneficial debt management securities available. During the rest of the 1990’s, the firm would continue to provide a wide range of financial services along with serving a wide variety of clients. Highland Capital Management now serves clients such as pension fund investors, corporations, individuals and government entities. As a result, it has been able to establish itself as one of the most trusted firms in the entire financial services industry.

Jeanmarie Guenot’s Life and Business Experience


JeanMarie Guenot is a business executive in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry with over 20 years of experience. She also has a working experience with all stages of companies both private and public in pharmaceutical R&D, business development, commercial and corporate development, venture capital, and project alliance management. She has worked in various fields in therapeutics and has a high level of experience in rebuilding and building of companies.

Jeanmarie holds the post of the president and the CEO of the Aphivena Therapeutics, Inc., which develops innovative bifunctional antibody therapies recommended for hematologic malignancies. The company is located in San Francisco.

Guenot LLC’s bio page shows that Jeanmarie did build and run SKS Ocular, which is an incubator for the ophthalmic company. She was a business advisor of Hoffmann-la Roche based in Shanghai. She is also the vice president of corporate and business development, where she has lead mergers and acquisitions, licensing and alliance management for portfolios of commercial products and R&D of PDL.

JeanMarie Guenot has negotiated and led the 50:50 co-development of Biogenic Idec-PDL, and also the strategic collaboration of commercialization in which the candidates of autoimmune disease drug and three phase two cancer were involved. She is also the license holder of the oncology’s ophthalmic indication to the ophthoteh. She has experience in alliance management, portfolio, and project management in oncology sectors. will tell you that JeanMarie’s career journey started at Atlas Venture, where she built companies of life science and managed the capital investments of the project. Her scientific career journey began at Hoffmann-la Roche where she was the principal scientist of pre-clinical R&D. She developed and discovered drugs for inflammation, metabolic diseases, oncology and autoimmune.

She trained in medicinal and physical chemistry focusing on protein structure prediction, NRM and X-ray refinement, semi-empirical and quantum mechanical methods, molecular dynamics, and drug design.She acquired her degree from the University of California located in San Francisco and her MBA at the University of Pennsylvania in the Wharton school.

Maverick Therapeutics and Takeda Announce Five-year Collaboration to Advance T-Cell Engagement Therapies

Copa Star Hospital: A world-class medical facility with a difference.

There are hospitals and then, there is a 5-star hospital. Located in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Copa Star hospital is on a totally whole new level: medically speaking. Just like a 5-star hotel that offers the best service to its clients in matters hospitality, Copa Star Hospital operates on the knowledge that their clients come first and thus should enjoy the best of medical care.

The other bad thing about being sick is going to the hospital to the dark boring somber colors and to the smell of ether. Makes you feel worse than you already are. At Copa Star Hospital, the walls hold 231 pieces of artwork by Yukata, a famous Japanese painter, making you think you are in an art gallery.

Every patient gets their own spacious room that not only ensures privacy but also comfort. This sees to it that the patient can have as many visitors as possible who have plenty of room to move about.

Another notable feature of the hospital is the lighting. The hospital has been set up in such a way that natural lighting is predominant and the patients can change the room temperature to what they want.

There is a restaurant that operates 24-7 headed by a Swiss chef Steve Moreillon. Steve with his able team of other professional chefs, ensure that not only do the patients get nutritious meals, a necessity for their recover but that their visitors and family members can also enjoy delicious food as they visit their loved ones.

Technologically speaking, Copa Star Hospital provides every room with a tablet that the patients for easy communication with their families. The patients can also make video calls to the staff to ask for any assistance.

The hospital is equipped with the best from every field of medicine. With over 550 professionals, 113 of them being doctors, you can be assured of quality care from the time you step in and when you finally leave the hospital. From cardiology, neurology, pediatric care as well intensive care medicine, all these can be performed at Copa Star.

Recently, the hospital announced of various vacancies especially in the field that deals with women health. If you think you are a viable candidate, by all means, apply to join the team of ‘Star of Rede D’or’as it’s popularly known in Rio.

With an initial investment of 400 million Reais, the building of the hospital started in 2013 having been designed by Rede D’Or São Luiz. The success of this project has made him spread his wings in other cities starting with São Paulo and Brasilia in the coming years.

So if you want to experience a different kind of medical care with a 5-star rating, Copa Star Hospital is the place to visit.

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Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s Breakthrough in the Sleep Medicine World

The founder and head of New Jersey-headquartered Dental Sleep Masters, Dr. Avi Weisfogel, has deep-rooted mastery of sleep disorders and sleep treatment. Upon earning his dental surgery degree, he set up his dental practice known as Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999. He oversaw the operations of the office for over 15 years, bagging awards from the dentistry community. He was the holder of the Best Dentist Award for a couple of years.

Exploring the sleep medicine sector

Dr. Weisfogel started delving in the sleep medicine scene and researching on the ways dentists and doctors can offer innovative treatment to people suffering from sleep disorders. In 2010, he inaugurated Healthy Heart Sleep, a top-notch firm that worked closely with physicians globally and instructed them on the procedure of setting up and managing sleep labs.

In 2012, Dr. Weisfogel launched the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient and started educating dentists on the process of increasing and delivering better care to sleep patients. He made a great stride in the world of sleep after launching Dental Sleep Masters in 2014. The organization specialized in assisting dentists to create effective sleep labs through utilization of oral appliances for treatment of sleep complications.

Sleep apnea’s risk groups

While anyone of any age can suffer from sleep apnea, risk factors rise substantially with age and excess weight. Nearly 50 percent of patients diagnosed with sleep apnea are overweight, a link that may be as a result of the location of fat deposits and the chance of these deposits squeezing the airway. The presence of fat deposits in the neck and waist region may be risky. However, sleep apnea is by no means limited to excess weight.

Reasons behind the formation of Dental Sleep Masters (DSM)

Dr. Weisfogel boasts 15 years of dental experience. However, he always had an unwavering passion for the arena of sleep medicine. He combined his passions with his superior marketing abilities and created a unique niche. As the head of DSM, Dr. Weisfogel enjoys scheduling everything to keep himself productive. He reaches to the office at 6 a.m. and prays for approximately one hour. He talks to his life coach for at least an hour. Dr. Weisfogel spends the rest of the day picking calls, chairing business meetings, speaking with members, and penning down blog posts. for more.