Malini Saba – Top Investor, Philanthropist, and Founder of Saban

I was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and raised in Australia. At the age of 19, I moved to the United States with only $200 in my pocket. My former husband and I found and moved into an apartment very close to Stanford University. It was not easy for us as a couple starting out and pursuing our educations. During this time although things were tough, I started laying down the foundation to my achievements. Investments and business angles were my biggest interest.

Another was to crash events and gatherings where I knew investment bankers were present. I would then get advice and ask them many questions. With money saved throughout the years, I started to invest in areas of real estate, telecommunications, and commodities. This is how I began my first business Saban Group.

I am not only an entrepreneur but also a passionate philanthropist. In 2001, I began a non-profit organization called Stree designed to help low income at risk women and children modify how they see themselves and the role they play in society. The goal of Stree is providing a way women can receive healthcare, legal empowerment, and a forum to connect with public policy in Africa, Central America, India, and Eastern Europe. After the tsunami of 2004, I toured the devastating areas in India and Sri Lanka and pledged $10 million for the victims of that tragedy. June of 2005, a $1 million dollar donation was made by me to jump-start the Heart Research Center for South Asians, which was the world’s first.

My investment career started in Silicon Valley as a venture capitalist in the 90s. Having much experience I invested in over 20 technology companies. Those include such companies as PayPal, Sycamore, and Networks, Inc. When I started Saban my investments grew to include oil and gas from China and Australia, and technology companies in the United States.

My enthusiasm for building things from the bottom up and getting involved in ways many investors would not has brought me far. Building Saban up to what it is now had its challenges.I learned many valuable lessons along the way and I wouldn’t do anything different to change that.

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